Our graduate program streams are two years with the exception of Finance which is three years. Each stream offers different rotations and experiences to develop capability in your chosen area. All streams participate in the graduate leadership development program that prepares you for a leadership career.

Leadership in the fast lane

Leadership qualities are developed through personal experience. From your failures as much as your successes. The key is to learn from both. Unlike other graduate programs, we put you into meaningful roles where you have real responsibilities and real decision-making authority. Experiences like this will develop your leadership skills and your confidence in next to no time.

Support from the best in the business

Real responsibility doesn't mean being stranded in the deep end. You'll have the direct support of our most talented leaders. Not just from the leader you report in to, but unparalleled access to leaders across our business. You'll get to share their working experiences, insight into their perspectives on making decisions and direct exposure to their different leadership styles.

Lead your own path

Your rotations will place you into a variety of different roles. You will also have opportunities to take on project roles that will further develop your capabilities. These project opportunities are among your first leadership experiences as the decision to take these on is largely up to you. They will typically stretch you but provide many of the career-defining achievements that will establish your reputation and open new career doors.